Jumpin' Jack Flash
Biographical Information
Real NameJohn Jacob Flash
AliasesJumpin' Jack Flash, J.J Flash
Wild Card TraitsPyrokinesis, flight
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
AffiliationsCaptain Trips avatars
AlliesHiram Worchester, Water Lily
First AppearanceAces High
CreatorVictor Milán

Jumpin' Jack Flash (or J.J. for short) is one of the avatars of Mark Meadows.

History Edit

Jumpin' Jack Flash, like most of Mark Meadows' "friends" has memories of a previous life. Jumpin' Jack Flash recalls a world full of costumed superheroes like himself before being "trapped" in Mark's subconscious. He doesn't think of himself as a wild card, and simply uses the term "ace" to describe himself because that's the term used in Mark's world. Jumpin' Jack Flash's real name is John Jacob Flash, and there is real person who shares that name. Jumpin' Jack Flash met the other John Jacob Flash backstage at Peregrine's talk show, he's a lawyer who possesses no ace powers, and, while he is much older, does resemble Mark's alter ego.

Wild Card Traits Edit

On top of his ability to fly, Jumpin' Jack Flash also possesses pyrokinesis, the ability to telekinetically super-heat molecules and control the resulting plasma. He pretends that his power is simply control over fire, just for show.

Appearance Edit

Flash is a small, wiry man with a long thin nose and a sly, easy grin. He wears an orange body suit cut to the navel, and trimmed in red and yellow flame.

Personality Edit

Flash is the embodiment of flame: elusive, daring, passionate and destructive. He has garnered a reputation as a popular ace, despite his infrequent appearances, and is something of a ladies man when he is around.

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume II: Aces High - "By Lost Ways"

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