This article is about a fictional subject in the Wild Cards universe that has a non-fiction inspiration. For an article on Wikipedia about the real world subject, see Wikipedia:KGB.
Biographical Information
Official NameKomitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti
TypeGovernment agency
PurposeNational security, intelligence, espionage
Operational Information
Base of OperationsThe Kremlin, Russia
First AppearanceAces Abroad

Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (more commonly known as the KGB) is a security agency in the Wild Cards series of books. It acted in the service of the Soviet Union, gathering information and operating in the capacity of secret police.

The use of aces within the KGB was non-existent due to how diluted the wild card virus had become by the time it reached Soviet soil. Joseph Stalin had ordered the execution of all wild carders, leaving even fewer to carry on the virus's legacy, and in the years that followed, aces were rounded up to be taken away and "educated" while jokers simply disappeared altogether. The ace known as Mólniya came to work for the KGB's rivals, the GRU, while the KGB itself had no ace assets to draw on. In truth the one loyal ace it did have was careful to protect his secret from everyone, including his own employers.

Spies for the KGB were designated as agents (intelligence providers) and controllers (intelligence relayers). Dr. Tachyon was an agent recruited in Hamburg, Germany, after his fall from grace in the HUAC trials. His controller was Georgy Vladimirovich Polyakov, a secret ace who had been the assassin behind the death of Joseph Stalin years earlier after Stalin had drawn a joker and fallen victim to his own decree.

The KGB had a bitter rivalry with the GRU, Russia's military intelligence main directorate. The two groups have both been successful in removing each other's leaders by way of assassination.

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