Biographical Information
Real NameKris
Wild Card TraitsAnimated skin hue
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States of America
Base of OperationsJokertown
AlliesBeastie, Rikki, Splat
First AppearanceThe Thing About Growing up in Jokertown
CreatorCarrie Vaughn

Kris is a minor character in Wild Cards.


Kris grew up a joker in Jokertown and developed a friendship with three others as visibly touched by the wild card as her. When she grudgingly followed Rikki on a small adventure to reach Central Park she found that she enjoyed the experience despite being dragged into it.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Kris's skin is a swirl of colour in ever changing hues that constantly signal her mood.


Kris has a relatively normal appearance with short dark hair and sometimes brown skin, but her skin constantly changes colour depending on her mood. Mild sadness can appear as a pinkish swirl, the effects of fright leave her face shifting between blue and red, and red is a very apparent sign of anger.


Kris is self-conscious about her skin. With even the most subtle of moods constantly on display she prefers to wear a hoodie, even in the warmest of weather. She hates being asked if she's feeling okay, and tends to become withdrawn if anyone tries.

Selected ReadingEdit

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