Lady Black
Biographical Information
Real NameJoann Jefferson
AliasesLady Black
Wild Card TraitsEnergy absorption, lightning blasts
Social Information
Place of BirthWashington D.C., USA
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationGovernment agent
AffiliationsJustice Department, SCARE
First AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Joann Jefferson (better known as Lady Black) is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.

She is an ace operative of the US Justice Department.

History Edit

Joann Jefferson's childhood had been normal until the age of 12 when her wild card surfaced and she accidentally killed her mother. Her understanding father took her for treatment and by the age of 18 she had gained some measure of control. She made a cloak to help her further in controlling her ability and performed a few minor deeds as an ace. The Justice Department offered her a job in congressional security and she has worked for them ever since.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Lady Black is an energy vampire. She can store and release electrical energy, although she has very little control over how the energy is collected. The touch of her skin is enough to trigger a transfer of bioelectricity, which if sustained can kill a person. With a sufficient charge she can then re-emit that energy as flashes of light, or even destructive lightning discharges.

Appearance Edit

Lady Black is a statuesque brown-skinned woman whose appearance is handsome rather than pretty, yet overall she cuts an attractive figure. She shrouds herself in a cloak that is inky black on the inside and utterly reflective on the outside.

Personality Edit

Lady Black is essentially a nice person cut off from physical contact by her powers. She yearns to experience a relationship, yet resorts to maintaining friendships through social networking, maintaining numerous pen pals and Internet friends. She she is often irritated by Carnifex, who has made several sexual advances towards her, and is sometimes tempted to give in out of sheer loneliness.

Lady Black is largely pacifistic, yet will employ her dangerous gifts to protect herself or others in danger.

Selected ReadingEdit

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