Biographical Information
Real NameJoan van Renssaeler
Wild Card TraitsSerpentine lower body, scales
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
AffiliationsJokertown Clinic
RelativesThe Philidelphia Moresworths, Brandon van Renssaeler (ex-husband), Clara van Renssaeler (daughter)
First AppearanceCard Sharks
CreatorLaura J. Mixon

Lamia is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.


Joan Moresworth married into the New York van Renssaeler family. She lived the care-free life of the idle rich until she drew a joker. She was rejected by her husband, Brandon van Renssaeler and came to live in Jokertown. She has been entirely cut off from her family and for most of her life, her daughter Clara believed her mother to be dead.

Lamia sometimes works as a part-time assistant at the Blythe van Renssaeler Memorial Clinic, a medical center named after her mother-in-law, Blythe.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Lamia was transformed by the wild card virus to become half-human, half giant snake.


Lamis is bald headed with an upper body of a woman melded with a giant cobra. Her skin is covered with bright, multicolored scales, and the folds of a fleshy hood hang on either side of her neck. Her arms, torso and breasts are human enough, but scaled like the rest of the body. Below the breasts, she is entirely serpent; the long, thick body stretches out fifteen feet long or more.

Lamia's eyes are round and lidded, but with vertical golden irises of a snake; from her scaly woman’s lips, darts a long forked tongue.


Selected ReadingEdit

Van Renssaeler family tree

van Renssaeler family tree.

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