Lawrence Hague
Biographical Information
Real NameLawrence Hague
Wild Card TraitsTelepathy
Social Information
Place of BirthUnited States
CitizenshipUnited States
OccupationGovernment agent, stockbroker
Base of OperationsWashington D.C.
AffiliationsSCARE, Justice Department
AlliesStopwatch, President Eisenhower
First AppearanceWild Cards
Final AppearanceWild Cards

Lawrence Hague is a minor character in the Wild Cards anthology. Initially mentioned as an ace who vanished under mysterious circumstances, he was later revealed to have become the director of SCARE.

History Edit

During the early 1950's, Lawrence was a stockbroker before his ace saw him brought in front of Senator McCarthy at his ace hearings. Lawrence was given the choice of facing jail or joining SCARE. He was the first ace to join SCARE and one of two publicly acknowledged in joining the government's service during those early years. By 1960, in the Eisenhower administration, he had become the director of SCARE and was a close advisor to the president during the Cold War. When Franciszek Majewski appeared in the Oval Office, Lawrence immediately discerned that Frank had deduced what project AQUATONE and RAMPART was. Soon after Hague had confirmed that Frank was telling the truth, Frank was inducted into SCARE. Lawrence briefed him on everything RAMPART entailed and prepared him on his mission to rescue ace asset Francis Gary Powers from the Soviets.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Lawrence is telepathic. It has only been shown that he reads minds. He is able to read someone's mind instantly. While he is a mind reader, Lawrence is shrewd enough to know that he couldn't confirm if someone was telling the truth because he can only read what someone believes is the truth.

Appearance Edit

He has sharp eyes and a high forehead.

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • First ace director of SCARE.
  • Originally only mentioned in Wild Cards Hague was introduced as a character in the 2010 Tor Books reprint.

Selected Reading Edit

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