le Miroir
Biographical Information
Real NameClaude Bonnel
Aliasesle Miroir
Wild Card TraitsDwarfism, metamorphosis, telepathy
Social Information
Place of BirthMarseilles, France
CitizenshipCitizen of France, deceased
OccupationEntertainer, terrorist leader
Base of OperationsParis, France
AlliesBlaise Jeannot Andrieux, François Andrieux
First AppearanceAces Abroad
Final AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorMelinda Snodgrass

Claude Bonnel, sometimes known by the stage name of le Miroir, is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Claude Bonnel spent his early years in Marseilles, France, where he learned life's harsh lessons on the treatment of jokers. Even in those early years he gained an appreciation for social equality and this set him on a path of embracing communism, which he pursued further after moving to Paris. Becoming disgruntled over the failings of the Communist Party, Bonnel turned from activism to becoming a full-blown terrorist, and drew a number of like-minded individuals around himself, including François Andrieux, the father of the part-Takisian boy, Blaise.

With Blaise under his control, Bonnel hatched a plan to strike at the heart of the French political elite, his purpose to start a new revolution. To that end, he lured Dr. Tachyon, the boy's maternal grandfather, into a trap. Together Tachyon and Blaise were to mind control a number of heavily armed security personnel into opening fire at a crowded gathering. Tachyon sprang a trap of his own however, and overcame his grandson's self-taught power with superior mentatic skill. The Takisian then turned on Bonnel who was trying to flee the scene, and laid the final piece in his counterattack, shooting Bonnel through the chest.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Claude Bonnel has a small and twisted body. His face is malleable and can assume the visage of any other human. The faces he mimics are based on the memories of those nearby, which he accesses with a very limited form of telepathy, and are generally limited to the faces of people with great importance to the person he reads. He uses this mimicry as part of a stage act under the stage name of le Miroir.


Claude Bonnel is a small joker with a twisted body. He normally has a large head with grey hair, although his facial appearance can be altered to resemble anyone.


Claude Bonnel is an acutely principled man with strong communist leanings. He will resort to extremism and murder to further his political agenda, while he publicly maintains a front as a communist party supporter.

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "Mirrors of the Soul"

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