Leo Storgman
Biographical Information
Real NameLeonard Storgman
AliasesLeo Storgman, Ramshead
Wild Card TraitsRam's horns
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationPolice detective
Base of OperationsFort Freak
AffiliationsNew York Police Department
RelativesVicki (wife, deceased), Melanie (daughter)
AlliesWanda Moretti, Michael Stevens
First AppearanceFort Freak
CreatorCherie Priest

Leo Storgman, a joker, is a police detective assigned to "Fort Freak" the precinct serving Jokertown.

History Edit

Storgman has worked at the Jokertown precinct since the 1970s. His first case as a detective was the "Rat Hole murders" where a local junky was accused of murdering several people in a diner. He was dragged back into the case in the 21st century when Wanda Moretti, a court reporter and old flame who had also worked the case, approached him with doubts about it. During his investigation he rekindled his romance with Moretti, and after completing it he retired from the police force.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Storgman's wild card turned late in life and he lived most of his life as a nat. He gained unnaturally pale skin and a pair of ram-like horns curling from his head.

Appearance Edit

Storgman is a joker with unnaturally pale skin and a pair of ram's horns curling from his head.

Personality Edit

Storgman seems more thoughtful and open minded than many of his colleagues. He has a daughter who works in real estate, specializing in selling to wild carders. She keeps trying to convince him to retire to a Florida as part of a wild card retirement community. Storgman is part of a standing monthly poker game involving Father Squid, Wild Card Dime Museum proprietor Charles Dutton, Jokertown Cry publisher Lucas Tate , and civil liberties lawyer Dr. Hendrik Pretorius.

Selected Reading Edit

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