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Little Fat Boy
Little Fat Boy
Biographical Information
Real NameDrake Thomas
AliasesLittle Fat Boy, Ra
Wild Card TraitsEnergy projection
Social Information
Place of BirthTexas
CitizenshipUnited States citizen
Base of OperationsOld Egypt
AffiliationsLiving Gods
AlliesGenetrix, Sekhmet
First AppearanceBusted Flush
CreatorWalton Simons

Little Fat Boy is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Drake Thomas was living in Pyote, Texas with family when he first turned his card. The detonation was strong enough to level the town.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

When Little Fat Boy loses control of his emotions due to intense pain or fear, his body will cause an explosion equal to that of an atomic bomb although there is no fallout or indication that the explosion is radioactive in any way.


Drake is approximately thirteen at the start of the series Busted Flush. He is overweight.



  • The name Little Fat Boy references the atomic bombs dropped in Japan: "Little Boy" (Hiroshima) and "Fat Man" (Nagasaki).

Selected ReadingEdit


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