Little Fat Boy
Little Fat Boy
Biographical Information
Real NameDrake Thomas
AliasesLittle Fat Boy, Ra
Wild Card TraitsEnergy projection
Social Information
Place of BirthTexas
CitizenshipUnited States citizen
Base of OperationsOld Egypt
AffiliationsLiving Gods
AlliesGenetrix, Sekhmet
First AppearanceBusted Flush
CreatorWalton Simons

Little Fat Boy is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Drake Thomas was living in Pyote, Texas with family when he first turned his card. The detonation was strong enough to level the town.

He was held by the US Government and SCARE with Genetrix, at the BICC who used one of her brood to break him out of the facility.

While in hiding with Double Helix and Genetrix, The Order of the Silver Helix under the command of Captain Flint got their hands on Drake, and the Highwayman dropped him in front of a division of the army of the People's Paradise of Africa. This was the second time his power went off, and he killed the entire division, leaving an enormous area of destruction.Revelation of their part in this caused both Flint and the Highwayman to be charged with war crimes.

He was present in New Orleans when the Radical attacked there. As a parting shot, Radical threw his peace medallion at Drake, injuring him and triggering Drake's power, threatening the entire city. The explosion was contained by the Amazing Bubbles.

Upon seeing the energy contained in Drake, the bug Sekhmet abandoned John Fortune for Drake, making Drake into Ra.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

When Little Fat Boy loses control of his emotions due to intense pain or fear, his body will cause an explosion equal to that of an atomic bomb although there is no fallout or indication that the explosion is radioactive in any way.

As of the battle with the Radical in New Orleans, Drake now also is joined with Sekhmet, and is now known as Ra and residing with the Living Gods. Ra with the combined powers of Drake and Sekhmet has been suggested to be able to give even a fully-powered Radical a run for his money, meaning he is one the most powerful wild cards alive.


Drake is approximately thirteen at the start of the series Busted Flush. He is overweight.

By the end of Suicide Kings, he is taller, and more fit. He is also described as having hair that just touches his shoulders.



  • The name Little Fat Boy references the atomic bombs dropped in Japan: "Little Boy" (Hiroshima) and "Fat Man" (Nagasaki).

Selected ReadingEdit


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