The Llama
Biographical Information
Real NameJuan
AliasesThe Llama
Wild Card TraitsElongated neck, venomous spit, enhanced strength in legs
Social Information
Place of BirthBolivia
CitizenshipCitizen of Bolivia
OccupationAid worker
Base of OperationsNew York
AffiliationsThe Committee
First AppearanceBusted Flush
CreatorVictor Milán

The Llama is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is a Bolivian joker-ace who joined the Committee soon after it was formed.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

The Llama has a foot long neck, fuzzy gray hair, the ability to spit a gooey venom incredible distances, and enhanced strength in his legs.


The Llama dislikes the Lama due to their similar names.

Selected ReadingEdit

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