Biographical Information
Real NameLucien
Social Information
Place of BirthKalemie
CitizenshipCitizen of the PPA, deceased
Base of OperationsKalemie
AlliesRustbelt, Sister Julie

Lucien is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Lucien was an orphan living in the African city of Kalemie when Leopard Men of the People's Paradise of Africa invaded the area, and snatched Lucien and other children. Lucien was taken to a laboratory at Nyunzu on the Congo River, and forcibly injected with a cultivated strain of the wild card virus. He drew the black queen and died that day, but his pen-pal friendship with Rustbelt drew the American to Africa which led to the eventual exposure and eradication of the PPA's wild card project.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Lucien's wild card twisted his body into something resembling a humanoid kite, with his body flattened to membrane thickness, and bones protruding from the skin.

Selected ReadingEdit

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