Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsCanine appearance
Social Information
Base of OperationsJokertown
AffiliationsCrystal Palace
AlliesChrysalis, Elmo, Sascha Starfin

Lupo is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Lupo took up a job as a bartender at the Crystal Palace, mostly filling in for times when Sascha Starfin was not around. He had a good working relationship with the staff and patrons, until the destruction of the bar in 1988.

The years since were not kind to Lupo, and he became a homeless alcoholic. One night when he awoke from being passed out behind a dumpster, Lupo witnessed the kidnapping of a four-legged joker by four men who hauled their captive into a white van. When questioned by police Lupo could barely recall the details, but his statements and the assistance of sketch artist Eddie Carmichael provided some initial details leading to a known thug named Eel. Carmichael aided Lupo in evading capture by the same thugs later when Lupo himself was also targeted by the kidnappers.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Lupo is a joker with a canine appearance. His canine traits are for the most part just cosmetic and don't convey any special abilities.


Lupo has an elongated snout and long, lolling tongue.

Selected ReadingEdit

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