The Ly'bahr are an alien race, most of whom are currently members of The Network. Originally the Ly'bahr had been organic creatures similar to humans. However, they eventually began to experiment with cybernetics, many of them transferring their consciousness to entirely artificial bodies. Some time after this the Ly'bahr homeworld was attacked and destroyed by the alien Swarm. This attack killed all the organic Ly'bahr, thus leaving them unable to reproduce. The cyborg Ly'bahr continued to exist, effectively immortal, but mourning the death in action of any of their number as one step closer to extinction. Due to their cybernetic nature and continuous experimentation no two Ly'bahr look alike and even individual Ly'bahr will change appearance and abilities based on their needs. Their cybernetic forms tend to be extremely powerful and most Ly'bahr work as enforcers to the interstellar trading collective The Network.

A Ly'bahr contacted Black John Balsam, founder of the Egyptian Freemasons, in 1777 and left him with instructions on how to build a tachyon transmitter with which to contact The Network in the event of the arrival of the Swarm. Balsam later referred to this being as the "Shining Brother".

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