Biographical Information
AliasesMólniya, Comrade Mólniya
Wild Card TraitsBioelectric discharge
Social Information
CitizenshipRussian citizen
OccupationGovernment agent
Base of OperationsMoscow
RelativesMasha (wife), Ludmilya (daughter)
First AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorVictor Milán

Mólniya is a fictional minor character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is a Soviet ace with the power to unleash intense electrical discharges from his hyperactive nervous system.


Married, and with a daughter, Mólniya once turned his back on being a Spetznaz commando to join the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) and worked with them for years as a field agent. It was in this capacity that he found himself assigned to Berlin, bringing together elements of the Jokers for a Just Society and the Red Army Fraction in order to secure the release of the Palestinian terrorist, al-Muezzin.

The combined group hatched a plan to kidnap Senator Gregg Hartmann and use him as leverage, but the situation quickly deteriorated once the American politician was in his grasp. Tensions mounted and the group split cleanly down the middle, the jokers breaking away after an armed stand-off and the remaining Fraction members arguing over the apparently helpless senator. Mólniya, overcome with a profound sense of panic, excused himself and left as well. The last he knew of them was the gunfire erupting from their hideout as he left.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Mólniya has a hyperactive nervous system that allows him to unleash powerful electrical discharges from his hands. Typically he wears rubber gloves as a barrier to prevent accidents, but once these are removed he can grab hold of an opponent and shock them into unconsciousness or worse. While he can exert control over his ace, he also will emit low level uncontrolled discharges when he is stressed. Another drawback is that the electrical conductivity of water makes it impossible for him to bathe.


Mólniya has classic White Russian features with sandy hair and eyes with a trace of epicanthic fold. He is usually dressed wearing black rubber gloves.


Mólniya has a distaste for violence, and turned his back on a military career to escape it. He works towards the GRU's goals more out of a need to protect his wife and daughter than out of loyalty to his employers, for the danger to them if he fails to cooperate is too great a threat to risk.

Selected ReadingEdit

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