Maggie Graves
Biographical Information
Real NameMagdalene Graves
Wild Card TraitsAge inducing
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationBeef and produce supplier
Base of OperationsNew York City
AlliesIce Blue Sibyl, Raul Esposito
First AppearanceFort Freak
CreatorCherie Priest

Maggie Graves is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Maggie grew up in the American Mid West, but after she drew the joker she ran away from home and headed for New York City. There she met Raul Esposito who took her in. Her power to age organic matter proved to be a useful trick for making perfectly aged steaks, and so she became a valuable part of Raul's business supplying food to restaurants.

Acting on suspicions about Leo Storgman's intentions one day, she confronted him in the street and tried to touch him. She was pulled clear by Ice Blue Sibyl, and for the first time since her card turned she found someone she could safely touch without causing harm.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Maggie has the power to age any organic matter she touches. On a living being this causes faintness, and eventually death, while non-living organic material decays quickly. Attempts to wear cotton or leather causes the garments to rot away to uselessness in half an hour.


Maggie is a freckle-faced brunette with a wide blue streak in her hair.


Maggie has a strong relationship with her benefactor, Raul. She goes out of her way to protect him, and is immediately suspicious of anyone who she thinks might do him harm. Her inability to touch other people safely is a source of great misery for her.

Selected ReadingEdit

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