Biographical Information
Real NameMaria
Wild Card TraitsAvian plumage
Social Information
Place of BirthGuatemala
CitizenshipGuatemalan national
OccupationServant, revolutionary
Base of OperationsMobile
AffiliationsHero Twins
AlliesHunapu, Xbalanque
First AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorLeanne C. Harper

Maria is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

Maria came from the village of Yalpina and was born one of the "god touched". She was fifteen years of age when Hunapu walked into her life, and having long believed that someone would come for her she concluded that she was destined to follow Hunapu. She quickly became devoted to him, and later his spiritual brother Xbalanque, joining in their purpose to create a new Amerindian homeland for the Mayan people.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Maria was born with the brilliant feathers of jungle birds instead of hair.

Appearance Edit

Maria is a beautiful woman, made all the more attractive by the bright plumage on her head.

Personality Edit

Maria is completely devoted to Hunapu. She assists in his bloody rituals and shares in his ecstasy on such occasions.

Trivia Edit

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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