Minal Patel
Biographical Information
Real NameMinal Patel
Wild Card TraitsBody control (sexual arousal), healing
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Base of OperationsNew York City
AlliesMichael Stevens, Joe Twitch
First AppearanceFort Freak

Minal Patel is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


An ordinary life was difficult for Minal as her joker mutation both amplified her own sex drive and often aroused the people around her. After turning to a life of prostitution she met Michael Stevens, a vice squad policeman, and entered into a relationship with him, but this ended when he found love in the arms of another woman. Fearing for her life, she tracked him down again after the murder of Joe Twitch, whereupon she met his new partner Havitha, and the trio quickly entered into a three-way relationship when they found themselves mutually attracted.

Minal's fears proved true when members of the Demon Princes kidnapped her and her lovers' child Isai. Havitha, Michael, and some of Michael's fellow police all converged on the Demon Princes headquarters, with Havitha unleashing her full power to rescue her lover and daughter. When the ordeal was over, Minal, Havitha, and Michael, all agreed to make their temporary arrangement a more permanent one and moved in together with Minal.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Minal is a joker with a vastly amplified sex drive and she naturally triggers arousal in others around her as well. She also has an ability to recover from injury at more than twice the rate of a nat, and can confer this to another person by maintaining physical contact for long periods of time.


At first glance Minal is a very attractive African-American woman, but her torso is covered in myriad small tendrils that look much like human nipples.


Minal is a kind-hearted woman forced by circumstance into a questionable line of work, thanks to her mutation which has an almost nymphomaniac effect on her. She finds satisfaction in being an excellent cook.

Selected ReadingEdit

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