Biographical Information
Real NameMonster
Wild Card TraitsMonstrous appearance, giantism, energy absorption, energy projection, superhuman strength, high durability
Social Information
Place of CreationChina
AffiliationsCaptain Trips avatars
First AppearanceBlack Trump
CreatorVictor Milán

Monster is one of the avatars of Captain Trips (Mark Meadows).


In 1991, Mark transformed into a seventh friend when he ingested powders of questionable quality. Monster was a 70-foot tall behemoth with a demonic appearance and an unstoppable urge to destroy. He represented all the rage, pain, jealousy, unbidden desire, and every other negative feeling Mark Meadows ever had. Fortunately, Mark and the other personae managed to defeat Monster in a inner struggle and suppress the destructive personality.

The Monster resurfaced again in a final confrontation between the Radical and the Committee in the People's Paradise of Africa. It went on a rampage while Mark and Tom were engaging in an inner struggle in Mark's subconscious, and spent much of its time trying to kill Bubbles before it was overloaded with pain and reverted to Mark Meadows.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Monster is 70 feet tall with a monstrous appearance. Possesses incredible amounts of superhuman strength. He is able to lift a 42 ton tank. Lighting gathers at his horns and he is able shoot it from his hands to fry people with. It takes lot to hurt Monster as he is nearly invulnerable. Monster absorbs energy and uses it to grow bigger and stronger.


Monster is a 70-foot tall behemoth with a demonic appearance and an unstoppable urge to destroy. He has greenish-black shiny skin that has the same texture as a shark. Long black talons at the end of his fingers and horns like a Texas longhorn steer. He has the same eyes as a rattlesnake which glow with a yellow flame. Possesses a massive and muscular build. Monster also has a continuously erect phallus.

Selected ReadingEdit

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