Morakhs are a genetically engineered strain of soldiers from the planet Takis. They have been bred to be superstrong, highly resistant to telepathy, and utterly loyal to their master.

Products of the House Vayawand breeding program, Morakhs constitute a divergent branch of the Takisian race, lacking the telepathy that characterizes the ruling Psi-Lords, but possessing extended lifespans, superb reflexes, and metahuman physical strength which makes them useful as bodyguards and shock troops. Aside from the human-Takisian hybrid Blaise Jeannot Andrieux, no Takisian can quickly or permanently control a Morakh's mind. Additionally, while their speed is not superhuman, Morakhs are extremely agile and quick on their feet.

During an encounter with Black Shadow, the only Morakh to visit Earth, Durg at' Morakh, seemed to become invigorated by the lower temperatures produced by the ace's heat-absorption abilities prior to finally succumbing to hypothermia. Undoubtedly this is due to Morakh's hailing from a substantially colder planet. Also, at least one story asserts that Morakhs are capable of aiming at, and successfully hitting, two targets at the same time. Finally, it is said that although Morakhs have been bred to lack telepathy they are said to carry a rudimentary psychic sense that warns them when death is about to occur.

Durg at' Morakh is the best known of the Morakhs, at least on Earth.

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