Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsTelepathy, homunculi creation, eidetic memory, immobile, mute
Social Information
Base of OperationsCrystal Palace, Jokertown
First AppearanceDead Man’s Hand
Final AppearanceDead Man’s Hand

Mother is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books. She is a highly unusual joker with the added ability to grow a small army of little homunculi from her form.


Mother came to the attention of Chrysalis at some point after Chrysalis moved to New York, and was offered sanctuary in return for acting as Chrysalis's eyes and ears throughout the city. Among the numerous investments Chrysalis put into the Crystal Palace was a secret tunnel entrance into the basement of the bar and down a narrow spur branching from the main tunnel she made a home for Mother and her brood. From there, Mother became one of Chrysalis's primary sources of information, the tiny homunculi moving unnoticed throughout New York City and relaying all that they saw.

Following Chrysalis's death, Mother and her homunculi started trying to aid Yeoman as he followed possible leads in Chrysalis's murder. Unfortunately on his first meeting with the hidden joker, Yeoman was tailed by Fadeout, who attacked with the assistance of Lazy Dragon. They followed Yeoman up into the Crystal Palace, and the resulting fire collapsed the bar into the tunnels below. Mother was killed in the fire before Brennan could drag her to safety.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Mother is a highly unusual joker. Looking like nothing more than a rectangular mattress made of flesh, she has the ability to grow small homunculi from her body. Initially, these are connected to her by umbilical cords, but once matured they disconnect to become fully autonomous little people, many of whom appear as little eighteen inch jokers. One of the homunculi was a mini replica of Chrysalis herself.

Mother is telepthically connected to her homunculi. Lacking any means to communicate herself, she is entirely reliant on them to do her talking for her. All that the little creatures see or hear is relayed back, and Mother's eidetic memory then permanently stores every last detail. It was in this manner that Chrysalis managed to keep her secrets hidden from the world.


Mother looks something like a rectangular mattress propped up against the wall. Several juvenile homunculi dangle from her at any time, and she can also extrude arms to hold those who need to nestle in close, but who have already shed their umbilical cords.

Selected ReadingEdit

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