Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsSpider form, superhuman strength, high durability, dimensional travel
Social Information
Place of BirthAustralian outback
CitizenshipAustralian citizen, deceased
Base of OperationsThe Dreamtime
First AppearanceAces Abroad
Final AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorEdward Bryant

The Murga-muggai is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books, and a mortal enemy of Wyungare.


Little is known of the origins of the Murga-muggai, although when she was stricken with the wild card virus she gained the appearance of a giant trapdoor spider and the ability to enter the Dreamtime.

The Murga-muggai carried a pronounced hatred of foreigners and sought to destroy American efforts to buy into a satellite ground station that might give them broadcasting access in Australia. To this end she sent two waves of assassins against Cordelia Chaisson, who had been sent as part of a two-person team to secure the broadcasting rights. Both groups were beaten back and the attack also drew the attention of the Murga-muggai's nemesis, Wyungare, who then brought Cordelia with him to confront the Murga-muggai. She beat Wyungare soundly, but was lured to the edge of a high drop and tripped by the girl. Unable to stop herself, the Murga-muggai plunged to her death on the ground below.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

The Murga-muggai has the form of a huge trapdoor spider with a body the size of a volkswagon beetle. She is immensely strong, to the point where she is able to carve out a tunnel for herself from sandstone and block the entrance with a suitably large slab of rock.

The Murga-muggai is also able to enter the Dreamtime, a realm outside of normal space and time believed to be the source of all things in Australian aboriginal folklore.



The Murga-muggai on the cover of Aces Abroad

The Murga-muggai has the form of a huge trapdoor spider with a body the size of a volkswagon beetle. As with more conventionally sized spiders she propels herself on eight long legs, yet unlike them she is somehow capable of human speech.


The Murga-muggai is a psychopath intent on the eradication of all foreigners on Australian soil.


  • The Murga-muggai was listed in the Aces Abroad game supplement as a shape shifter and could take the form of a beautiful maiden, or an old crone.

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "Down in the Dreamtime"

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