Mushroom Daddy
Biographical Information
AliasesMushroom Daddy, Green Thumb
Wild Card TraitsHorticulture enhancement
Social Information
CitizenshipUnited States citizen
OccupationHorticulturalist, mobile greengrocer
Base of OperationsNew Hampton
First AppearanceDeath Draws Five
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Mushroom Daddy is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Mushroom Daddy established himself as a horticulturalist, growing vegetables, mushrooms, and marijuana, and made a living for himself selling his produce all around New Hampton. His life took an exciting turn after he encountered the Midnight Angel and Jerry Strauss, who were trying to find and protect John Fortune from the Allumbrados at the time. The Angel surprised everyone when she suddenly dashed off and stole Mushroom Daddy's VW minivan.

Resolving to get his van back, Mushroom Daddy caught a flight to Missouri, where he hoped to intercept the Angel, and promptly attached himself to the ad hoc team of aces assembling to protect John Fortune. He made himself useful by helping to look after the boy while the powerful aces fought the Allumbrados, but came away disappointed with the news that his van had died on the road.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Mushroom Daddy has the ability to grow produce of an unnaturally fine quality. People who got high on his marijuana awoke the next day feeling wonderfully refreshed.


Mushroom Daddy is a Caucasian young man with thick, wiry hair fluffed up into a bushy afro, long sideburns and a Fu Manchu moustache. He dresses in full hippie regalia, from bright shirts to worn bell-bottom jeans, and has octagonal-rimmed glasses. Further to the visual appearance, he also exudes a pervasive odour of marijuana.


Mushroom Daddy is a throwback to the hippie era. He dresses in a complete hippie style, and extends this aesthetic to his VW van, which was painted in stars and dancing mushrooms with a big peace sign on the front panel. He remains mostly positive about life, even in the face of its darker turns, but occasionally expresses distaste towards vehicles with a high fuel consumption. Daddy is also a purist with his dietary intake, and is a vegetarian with a preference for organically grown produce.

Selected ReadingEdit

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