Biographical Information
Real NameKavitha
Wild Card TraitsForce field generation, energy projection
Social Information
Place of BirthSri Lanka
CitizenshipSri Lankan refugee
Base of OperationsJokertown
AffiliationsThe Committee
RelativesIsai (daughter), Maya (mother), Sandip (brother)
First AppearanceFort Freak

Natya is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Kavitha was just a child when her parents and siblings fled war-torn Sri Lanka to find a new home in the United States of America. As a young adult she studied medicine, but turned away from a medical career to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer, which she could enhance with her unique ace power to generate creations of light when she moved. After a one night stand with police detective Michael Stevens, Kavitha found that she was pregnant. Stevens, saw it as his duty to provide for her and the baby, and after moving in together the pair fell in love.

Raising their daughter Isai was no easy task as the child drew an ace herself, gaining the power to transform partially into the shape of a giant bird. When Michael's former lover Minal Patel walked back into his life, the domestic arrangement became even more complex as Minal's natural sexual intensity caused Kavitha, Minal, and Michael to forge a three-way relationship.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Natya can focus her "kundalini" energies from within and draw them out into physical form when she moves. For the most part these take the form of shapes of light which can appear as illusory animals or flowing ribbons. With more focus they can become solid, and she has fabricated temporary bridges and stairs to walk on, and even concussive blasts when endangered. The caveat with her constructs is that she needs to power them with movement. Running for any length of time, or dancing, can build and maintain a strong construct, but if she stops so too does the light.


Natya is a slim Asian-Indian woman, fit from frequent dancing, with long dark hair often kept braided at her back.


Kavitha is a caring mother to Isai and a devoted partner to Michael. She is a pacifist at heart having seen the horrors of war first hand, yet she will use her power to protect herself, or those she holds dear, if forced to.

Selected ReadingEdit

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