For the ace, see Nur al-Allah.
Nur al-Allah
Tint of hatred
Biographical Information
Official NameNur al-Allah
AliasesThe Nur sect
TypeTerrorist group, religious sect
PurposeFundamentalist Islamic rule
Operational Information
Base of OperationsMiddle East
Place of FormationSyria
First AppearanceAces Abroad

The Nur sect, sometimes known as Nur al-Allah, is a fictional religious sect and terrorist group in the Wild Cards series of books, and is led by an ace of the same name, Nur al-Allah. They are based mostly in Syria, but have strong followings in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and some degree of power throughout much of the Middle-East.

The Nur sect is a fundamentalist Islamic group that believe jokers are abominations to be annihilated. Ironically one of the key figures, Sayyid is himself a joker, and this detail is kept discretely concealed from the public because of his military value. They are also aggressively opposed to Israel.

The enemies of the Nur are many. Aside from most governments taking an aggressive stance on terrorism, the Nur's views on jokers and Israel have made them the bitter enemies of both the Twisted Fists and the Living Gods.



  • The Nur sect was superseded by the new Caliphate.


  • While the official name of the sect is Nur al-Allah, it is more often referred to as the Nur sect. The followers of the sect are themselves also called the Nur.

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