For the religious sect, see Nur.
Nur al-Allah
Biographical Information
Real NameNajib
AliasesNur al-Allah
Wild Card TraitsMind control, glowing skin
Social Information
Place of BirthSyria
CitizenshipSyrian national
OccupationTerrorist, religious leader
Base of OperationsSyria
AffiliationsThe Nur, the Caliphate
RelativesKahina (sister)
First AppearanceAces Abroad

Nur al-Allah is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

When Najib drew his ace he found that not only did his skin glow a brilliant green, but his voice was also empowered in such a way that all who heard him were compelled to obey. Believing himself to carry the voice of Allah, he became Nur al-Allah, "Light of Allah".

Nur al-Allah used his influence to draw others around himself and formed the Nur sect, a religious group dedicated to the rule of Islamic law, the death of any joker "abominations", and the destruction of Israel. His sister Misha, the Kahina, was herself an ace and provided dreams of the future, which he could interpret to suit his own ends. At his right hand he had the giant, Sayyid, carefully publicised as an ace rather than the joker that he really was. With the Nur under his immediate command, Nur al-Allah also drew other sects around himself and soon controlled all of Syria, as well as maintaining a strong influence in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

In 1987, Nur al-Allah lured the WHO Tour to his encampment in the Syrian desert, where the delegates expected to hold a meeting. He had no intention of a lengthy discourse however, and selected Gregg Hartmann to become the first execution of the group. Hartmann used his own ace to twist Kahina's ire into a burning rage. Kahina attacked her brother and slashed his throat open with his own knife. The delegates, released from Nur al-Allah's power, used the distraction and ensuing chaos to flee the scene, and Nur al Allah himself was left heavily injured, his power to compel others severely diminished, but not destroyed.

Years later, Nur al-Allah was drawn into the Card Sharks conspiracy under false pretenses. Led to believe the Black Trump virus would kill only jokers, Nur al-Allah provided material support for the Sharks planned release of the virus in Jerusalem.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Nur al-Allah's most immediate sign of the wild card virus is his brilliantly glowing green skin. This will flare when he is angered and is otherwise abnormally warm to the touch. His ace is his power to compel people with his voice. With a few words he can instruct a person to put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger. For the most part however, he uses his power as an orator swaying crowds of the faithful to his cause.

Appearance Edit

Tint of hatred

Nur al-Allah is of Arabic appearance with dark hair and beard. His hair contrasts starkly against the brilliant green glow of his skin.

Personality Edit

Nur al-Allah is convinced of his own divine superiority. He seeks to crush foreign influences in a bloody holy war and holds a particular contempt for Jews or anyone deformed by the wild card virus.

Trivia Edit

Selected Reading Edit

Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "The Tint of Hatred"

References Edit

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