Order of the Silver Helix
Biographical Information
Official NameMost Puissant Order of the Silver Helix
AliasesOrder of the Silver Helix
PurposeRegional security
Operational Information
Place of FormationEngland
CreatorKevin Andrew Murphy

The Most Puissant Order of the Silver Helix is an organisation in the Wild Cards series of of books. It is a knighthood with a membership comprising almost exclusively of wild carders, predominantly aces, with a number of deuces and jokers besides. The knighthood ranks after the Order of the Bath and before the Order of the Star of India. The Order of the Silver Helix is rare in that it has a more than ceremonial nature, its members serving the British Crown to provide most of the security for Buckingham Palace and aiding Scotland Yard, the British Army, and Her Majesty's Secret Service.

The ribbon of the order is green, following a a silver double helix. The motto is "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Members of the order are addressed as Sir or Dame and the appropriate initials are appended after their names: GKSH, Knight (or Dame) Grand Cross; KSH, Knight Commander; DSH, Dame Commander; or CSH, Companion.

History Edit

On August 1, 1955, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II instituted the Order of the Silver Helix to honour those victims of the Takisian xenovirus whose services to the Empire went far beyond that of ordinary mortals. The first to receive the honour was Sir Kenneth Foxworthy, GKSH, KSI, DSO, GC, more commonly known as Captain Flint.

Knights of the Order Edit

  • Captain Flint (Grand Marshal of the Order)
  • Double Helix
  • James Bond
  • The Highwayman (John Bruckner) - an ace who can take "short cuts" through dimensions while driving his lorry.
  • Ha'Penny (Devlin Pear) - a midget ace who is able to become a lot smaller.
  • The Lion (Rangit Singh) - is a large and powerfully built ace with enhanced strength.
  • Titiania (Margaret) - a member of the Silver Helix who has had a crush on Captain Flint for years.

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