Location Details
Common Name
Our Lady of Perpetual Misery
Full Name
The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Misery
Business Type
Current Condition
The original church was fire-bombed in the 1990s, totally destroying it. Another church was eventually bought with the insurance money.
Staff and Regulars
The original church was located on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side, among a region noted for its small shops and street merchants.

Our Lady of Perpetual Misery is a fictional location from the Wild Cards series of books.


There is a tiny graveyard in the back where many jokers are buried. Quasiman sometimes watches over it, as Nats have sometimes ventured in, looking for "souveniers".

Background HistoryEdit

It was once a Catholic church that had been abandoned in the mid-1950s when neighboring parishes were combined. It had been empty for some time, until Father Squid purchased it in the late 1970s, refurbished it, and reconsecrated it to the Church of Jesus Christ, Joker.

Father Squid lives in the attached cottage, and is head priest of the little parish, although he has several junior priests (male and female, but all jokers) to help him. Quasiman is the church's handyman and all-around secular assistant.

The church was eventually moved to the other side of Jokertown after the original was burned to the ground. The new premises are a desanctified Roman Catholic Church in a parish that was abandoned in the 1960's.

After several years of reconstruction the new church was still in poor condition, with scaffolds half-holding up one of the interior walls, warped flooring, mismatched pews that came from half a dozen other forgotten churches.

Staff Edit

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