Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsChitin skin, impaired mobility
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Event Participant1976 Great Jokertown Riot
AffiliationsJokers for a Just Society
AlliesGimli, Kahina, Succubus
First AppearanceWild Cards
CreatorStephen Leigh

Peanut is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books. His appearances in the books are most often little more than a mention and a cameo appearance.


Peanut was fortunate enough to survive the wild card virus, but unfortunate enough to have it twist him into a weak and pitiable joker. He fell in with the Jokers for a Just Society at a time when Gimli was pressing for an increasingly militant stance towards social justice, and while he usually sided with Sondra Falin's more moderate position, he all too often got swept up in Gimli's angry crusade for jokers' rights.

Peanut was the only one of the Jokers for a Just Society who befriended Kahina when she was thrust into the protection of the group. Her ingrained distaste for jokers quickly saw the rest of the JJS turn against her, and yet Peanut alone managed to become something of a friend to her while holding onto a one-sided attraction that was not reciprocated. Unfortunately for him, this friendship was ended when Mackie Messer kidnapped her, and Peanut lost a lower arm to Messer's vibration power in his futile effort to protect her .

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Peanut is a joker, cursed with a chitinous skin that offers him a limited degree of resistance to abrasions, while also impairing both his mobility and speech. His skin has a tendency to crack around joints, leaving him with painful cuts from time to time.


Peanut's chitinous skin has an appearance and texture very like that of a peanut shell.


Peanut is observed to to be somewhat dull-witted, yet is also a kind-hearted and caring individual. He is quick to offer a sympathetic voice to those who need it, because he knows all too well what being a victim feels like.

Selected ReadingEdit

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