The peripatetic singularity shifter is an experimental Network power source developed by the Embe and capable of powering teleportation. It is a spherical object, roughly the size and shape of a bowling ball. When active it can feel warm to the touch and has light dancing from inside of it. People coming into contact with the device are able to command it mentally.

As a stand alone device the singularity shifter has proven capable of teleporting people great distances. This effect can be psychically draining and untrained humans have only been able to teleport from one part of a city to another. Dr. Tachyon was able to use it to transport himself and three others from deep space back to Earth.

The singularity shifter can also warp time. Ekkedme was able to prolong his life by commanding it to slow his body relative to the world around him and a bag lady in possession of the singularity shifter routinely caused people to be displaced by hours as she teleported them away from her.

The Egyptian Freemasons sought the singularity shifter to power their Shakti Device, but ultimately it eluded them altogether. After being passed around in a convoluted chain of events, it was finally returned to the possession of the Network when Jube the Walrus contracted its theft from the Jokertown clinic.

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