Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsTeleportation, enhanced strength, hunchback
Social Information
Explosives specialist (formerly)
Base of OperationsJokertown, New York City
AffiliationsOur Lady of Perpetual Misery church
AlliesFather Henry, Father Squid, Hannah Davis
CreatorArthur Byron Cover

A joker and resident of Jokertown. He has the ability to teleport. He works at the Our Lady of Perpetual Misery church.

History Edit

Little is known about Quasiman's past, although he remembers being an explosives expert in his life prior to drawing from the deck of the wild card. He took up a role as resident handyman at Our Lady of Perpetual Misery from the mid-1980's onward.

During the Mafia/Twisted Fists gang war that erupted in 1986, Quasiman intervened in a gunfight between the warring factions. His efforts to save one of the bystanders had him teleport the woman to safety, but rendered him almost comatose from the strain of carrying the additional weight. A paramedic was unable to help him as he had phased partially out of existence and had begun sinking through the street, and Leo Barnett, who had been caught in the same conflict, seized the moment to administer faith healing. Quasiman snapped back to reality at this point, and seeing as the incident was caught on camera it became a pivotal moment in Barnett's campaign to run for president.

In 1988, after the murder of Chrysalis, Father Squid assigned Quasiman to help Yeoman, the vigilante investigating the crime, in any way he could. Given a walkie talkie, Quasiman was told to stay out of sight and listen for Yeoman's call for help. He fought with Lazy Dragon at the Crystal Palace.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Quasiman is a teleporter, able to travel long distances instantaneously. At great risk to himself he can also carry additional mass up to the weight of another person. Unfortunately, this gift also has a side effect where parts of his body can phase out of existence at any time. He can randomly be without an arm or a leg for seconds or hours at a time. When parts of his brain phase away he is reduced to a drooling idiot until they return.

He also has a limited precognitive ability allowing him to 'remember' events that occur in his own future. He has no control over this - it is entirely passive.

Quasiman is immensely strong despite his hunchbacked form. While it is unknown how strong Quasiman is, Jay Ackroyd once noted that he was much stronger than Wyrm.

Appearance Edit

Quasiman is a big man with a hunchbacked appearance and a lame left leg.

Personality Edit

Quasiman is ordinarily an articulate and hopelessly shy man. He trusts Father Squid implicitly and will do anything the pastor asks of him. He is a great climber and leaper and uses these to his advantage seeking solitude on the roof tops and ledges of Jokertown.


  • Quasiman appears to draw inspiration from Quasimodo, a character in the 1831 novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Selected ReadingEdit

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