The Racist
Biographical Information
AliasesThe Racist
Wild Card TraitsEnhanced speed
Social Information
CitizenshipUnited States
First AppearanceMarked Cards

The Racist is a minor villain in the Wild Cards series of books.


The Racist was originally a white supremacist on death row and a nat. Approached by the authorities about participating in a special program researching the wild card virus, he agreed to be injected with the virus in exchange for a reduced sentence. Turning an ace, the Racist gained superhuman speed, but was deemed too dangerous to remain at large and remanded to the custody of the Governor's Island containment facility for mentally unstable wild cards.

Fellow inmates Croyd Crenson and Black Shadow engineered an escape from Governor's Island and the Racist piloted the boat they used to reach the mainland. Racist then presumably used his ace for a life of crime, leading to his incarceration in the Biological Isolation Containment Center in New Mexico. He made his escape during a prison riot when Genetrix opened a number of cells to create a diversion for her own escape, and went on the run with Deadhead. He aided Sharky in a fight against Billy Ray by slashing open the SCARE director's leg with a knife at high speed, before fleeing the scene in a stolen car. Both he and Deadhead were recaptured within the day by Ray and a small team of other SCARE aces. Stuntman was the agent to personally collar him.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

The Racist has incredibly enhanced speed.


The Racist is unashamedly racist, and peppers his speech with racial slurs at every opportunity.


While incarcerated at the BICC, the Racist repeatedly requested and read The Turner Diaries from the facility library.

Selected ReadingEdit

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