Biographical Information
AliasesRaum, Lord of Crows
Wild Card TraitsWinged flight, animal control (crows)
Social Information
Base of OperationsJokertown
First AppearanceFort Freak

Raum, Lord of Crows is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


A joker-ace of notable power, Raum fell in with the Demon Princes and turned to a life of crime. After he kidnapped Minal and Isai, and brought them to the gang's lair, he came under attack from the frightened ace girl when Isai's mother Kavitha burst in on the group, and Raum made the mistake of sending his crows to attack the intruder. Raum was then subdued and detained by the combined efforts of Kavitha and the police.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Raum's visible traits include a beak and a dark pair of wings. The wings allow him to fly, although there is undoubtedly another force at work to keep him aloft as his wing surface area alone is insufficient to support his weight.

Raum can also summon and direct a flock of crows. This requires him to utter a bird cry to summon them, and the flock can then be directed to attack any target of his choosing.


Raum has a sharp bird beak in place of a nose, and dark wings that when folded tend to give him the appearance of wearing a trench coat.


Raum is ambitious, and his ambition to move up through the ranks of the Demon Princes, conflicting with his inability to actually do so, can make him a dangerous ally as well as a dangerous adversary.

Selected ReadingEdit

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