Razor Joan
Biographical Information
Real NameJoan Lonnegan
AliasesRazor Joan
Social Information
OccupationPolice detective
Base of OperationsFort Freak
First AppearanceFort Freak
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Joan "Razor Joan" Lonnegan is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Shortly after the surprise disappearance of Detective Francis Black to Kazakhstan, Razor Joan and Detective Michael Stevens were called to a disturbance involving the SCARE agent Midnight Angel who was investigating that same disappearance and that of another SCARE agent, Jamal Norwood. More bizarre incidents, and Stevens's concerns about how related events had been covered up, drew Joan into a tight circle of those three in an effort to expose the truth about apparent police corruption within Fort Freak. Together they confronted and apprehended Captain Mendelberg who they found had been taking money from the Russian mob in New York in exchange for shutting down any investigations into a lengthy series of joker kidnappings.


Joan is tall and slim with a lean, sharp-featured face and blond hair.

Selected ReadingEdit

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