This article is about a fictional subject in the Wild Cards universe that has a non-fiction inspiration. For an article on Wikipedia about the real world subject, see Wikipedia:Red Army Faction.
Red Army Fraction
Biographical Information
Official NameRote Armee Fraktion
AliasesRed Army Fraction
TypeActivist, terrorist
Operational Information
Place of FormationBerlin
Place DisbandedBerlin
Period ActiveMid-1980's-1987
Event Participant1987 WHO Tour
First AppearanceAces Abroad
Final AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorVictor Milán

The Red Army Fraction is a group of militant activists in the Wild Cards series of books. The cell was based in Berlin, Germany, in the mid 1980s until its end in 1987.


Founded by the lawyer, Wolfgang Prahler, the Rote Armee Fraktion cell of mixed wild carders and nats in Berlin stood for a left wing agenda and resorted to extremism to further their cause. In 1987 they ambushed a car carrying Gregg Hartmann and Mordecai Jones, and systematically gunned down the police escort that was in the car with them, and also Hartmann's junior aide. Jones survived the encounter, despite having been shot several times and had a van drop on top of him, while Hartmann was kidnapped by the gang for use as bargaining leverage.

The Red Army Fraction brought Hartmann to a tenement building in a Turkish district near the Berlin Wall and held him there while they presented their demands. They wanted the release of the Palestinian terrorist, al-Muezzin, and ten-million dollars in cash. The cash was incidental to the group, something sought after by Gimli to fund the joker rights movement, but the release of the terrorist was masterminded by their Russian ally, Mólniya, to gain a valuable asset for Soviet interests. The plan went awry when money secured from a third party by Hartmann's delegate acquaintances proved to be from the German Political Police who used the opportunity to launch a sting operation. Aardvark and three bystanders suffered gunshot wounds, while a policeman went down to Gimli's blow.

The situation deteriorated after the group returned to their hideout. First Gimli and the two uninjured jokers picked up Aarvark and left, then Mólniya excused himself in a fit of panic. Finally, the remaining nats provoked Mackie Messer to the point where the boy lashed out at them, resulting in a bloodbath with only Mackie left standing over the prone and helpless form of Senator Hartmann.


  • Wolfgang "Wolf" Prahler (leader)
  • Anneke - A red-headed nat girl.
  • Mackie Messer
  • Ulrich - A blond nat body builder with a penchant for violence.
  • Wilfried - A nat described as stocky in appearance.



  • The fictional Wild Cards group is based on the real world group, Red Army Faction, which had a similar origin, and was active until 1998.

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