The Righteous Djinn
Righteous Djinn
Biographical Information
AliasesThe Righteous Djinn
Wild Card TraitsLife/power absorption: Lethargy, superhuman strength and durability, giantism, fear projection, regeneration
Social Information
Place of BirthMiddle East
AffiliationsThe Caliphate
AlliesAbdul-Alim, Nur al-Allah
First AppearanceInside Straight
Final AppearanceInside Straight
CreatorKevin Andrew Murphy

The Righteous Djinn is one of the most powerful aces in the world thanks to his ability to absorb the powers of other wild carders. The Djinn lives only to serve as a weapon of the Caliphate.


Not much is known about the origins of the Righteous Djinn other than that he hails from somewhere in the Middle East and speaks with the accent of a peasant. Soon after he joined the Caliphate's Army, several Port Said aces along with other Middle Eastern aces disappeared.

The Caliphate's army and the Djinn went to support Egypt's army against the Living Gods and several American Hero contestants assisting them. The Djinn, despite being injured by Simoon, Lohengrin, Bubbles, and Sekhmet, killed Simoon by tearing her in half. He was about to absorb Sekhmet's power when Drummer Boy directed a massive sonic assault at his head. The Djinn couldn't withstand the assault and his skull was pulverized.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

The Righteous Djinn has the ability to absorb the life force and abilities of wild carders. His ability is not limited to aces but jokers as well. The transference lasts less than a minute but requires more than a passing touch. When absorbing a power, the Djinn's concentration must not be broken or the transference will fail. When using his power a number of dark, smoky tendrils flow from his victim into the Djinn. After the transference is complete, the victim is nothing more than a dried husk.

Known Powers Absorbed:

  • Sharon Cream - The strongest female ace in the world. Granted enormous strength and durability.
  • Kohf - One of the Port Said aces from the 1948 outbreak. Mass fear projection.
  • Sayyid - Crippled giant friend of the Nur's. Enabled the Djinn to grow up to sixty feet tall, further increasing his strength.
  • Unknown ace - Cause a sense of lethargy. Used to incapacitate the Djinn's victims.
  • Unknown ace - Ability to regenerate wounds with concentration.
  • Unknown ace - The Djinn's form shimmers for a moment and allows projectiles top pass right through him. He only briefly demonstrated this power on one occasion, leaving it largely unexplained.


The Righteous Djinn is a Middle Eastern man with a dark beard. He is often seen scowling or treating his opponents with unmasked contempt, and he is usually always wreathed in tendrils of dark shadow, allegedly remnants of those he has absorbed.

Having absorbed Sayyid's wild card, the Djinn would frequently increase his size to gigantic proportions when out in the open and more strength was called for.


The Djinn is utterly devoted to the office of the Caliph. He is a fierce, unrelenting, and cruel individual.

Selected ReadingEdit

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