Biographical Information
Real NameSayyid
AliasesGeneral Sayyid
Wild Card TraitsGiantism, slightly enhanced strength
Social Information
CitizenshipSyrian national
OccupationTerrorist, military strategist
Base of OperationsSyria
AffiliationsThe Nur
RelativesKahina (wife)
First AppearanceAces Abroad

Sayyid is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

Sayyid was drawn to Nur al-Allah, and despite being a joker his tactical brilliance outshone his deformity to the point where the Nur entrusted the military operations of his self-named religious sect to him. Sayyid's value was so great that Nur al-Allah gave his sister in marriage, an arrangement that may have suited the giant, but was an unpleasant one for her.

Sayyid was among those present at an ambush of the WHO Tour delegates in 1987. Nur al-Allah had lured many of the delegates to the Nur's desert encampment intending to use them for a show of power. The Nur's plans went awry when Kahina's dislike of her brother flared into rage, causing her to attack him. Sayyid reacted violently, intending to strike her down, but was himself crushed to ground by the gravity manipulating power of Hiram Worchester. His giant bulk, already a strain to support, was brutally effected by the sudden increase in gravity and Sayyid was left with crippling skeletal damage.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Sayyid is a muscular giant of a man. He is massively proportioned in all respects, although this has come at the cost of near-impotence, and an inability to move well as it takes all his strength to support his massive bulk. His strength has also been mildly increased by his size.

Appearance Edit

Sayyid is handsome and muscular with heroic proportions, standing at ten feet in height. He moves very slowly and must be carefully positioned for public appearances.

Personality Edit

Arrogant and bad tempered, Sayyid also harbours a profound intolerance for Jews and jokers alike. He has no respect for his wife and frequently beats her in frustration at his own failings, or to simply release his pent up anger. He is completely devoted to his master, the Nur al-Allah and serves his will with a brilliant tactical mind.

Trivia Edit

Selected Reading Edit

  • Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "The Tint of Hatred"

References Edit

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