Biographical Information
Real NameTerence Wayne Cottle
Wild Card TraitsEnhanced strength and durability, shark teeth, enhanced jaw
Social Information
Place of BirthUSA
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States, deceased
First AppearanceBusted Flush
Final AppearanceBusted Flush
CreatorIan Tregillis

Sharky is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Sharky's wild card turned him into a humanoid shark, in both body and mind. The cannibalistic serial killer was eventually caught and incarcerated at the Biological Isolation Containment Center in its maximum security wing, Q Sector. He made his escape during a prison riot when Genetrix opened a number of cells to create a diversion for her own escape. Sharky made it to the elevator car Genetrix and Thomas Drake were escaping in, but his attempt to eat the boy was thwarted by Genetrix's homunculi, and Sharky found himself trapped when the homunculus Zenobia misted his hand into the elevator wall.

After gnawing his own hand off, Sharky made his way to Alamogordo where he found Dr. Pendergast, the BICC director, in the rest room of a diner. He slaughtered Pendergast instantly, but was interrupted from his meal by Billy Ray who had been assembling a team at the diner to track down the BICC fugitives. Sharky quickly overpowered the SCARE director, with some assistance from the Racist, but was dismembered and then beheaded by the Midnight Angel.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Sharky's wild card turned him into the humanoid equivalent of a hungry shark. His skin is extraordinarily tough and he is much stronger than a regular man. He has a voracious appetite, and this is fed by his shark-like maw, filled with multiple rows of serrated triangular teeth. His jaw is powerful and capable of dismembering his victims in seconds.


Sharky has tough grey skin and beady dark eyes. His mouth extends half way around his head and is filled with rows of serrated triangular teeth.


Sharky is a cannibalistic psychopath. Always announcing his hunger, he talks incessantly about consuming the flesh of the people he is talking to. Anything living and breathing is nothing more to him than a food source.

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