Biographical Information
Social Information
CitizenshipAmerican citizen
Base of OperationsJokertown
AffiliationsJokers for a Just Society
AlliesGimli, File
First AppearanceAces Abroad

Shroud is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


The joker known as Shroud was among those pulled into Gimli's sphere of influence, and a loyal member of the Jokers for a Just Society when the group ambushed Sentator Hartmann's motorcade in Berlin during the 1987 WHO Tour. The action there was a dismal failure for the group, but Gimli's growing suspicions about Hartmann being a secret ace soon saw Shroud return to Jokertown with the other survivors, embarking on a vendetta aimed squarely at Gregg Hartmann.

The group made a deal with ex-KGB agent George Steele to try to expose the truth about Hartmann, but the plan never reached fruition thanks to Gimli falling victim to a wild card reinfection, and also the disappearance of Misha, a crucial part of Steele's plan.

Shroud and File were subsequently caught by the authorities and spent a year in prison for their criminal actions, before a pardon was arranged for them in 1988 by the very man the JJS had kidnapped in Berlin the previous year.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Shroud is a joker with a semi-transparent and vaporous form. Each year he becomes less substantial, further distanced from the physical world in which he lives as if he is slowly evaporating.


Shroud is a slender, shadowy figure.

Selected ReadingEdit

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