Biographical Information
Real NameAliyah Malik
Wild Card TraitsTransformation, flight
Social Information
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States, deceased
OccupationAid worker
Event ParticipantAmerican Hero
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsTeam Spades, Living Gods, Committee
RelativesIsis (mother), Osiris (uncle)
AlliesCameo, Jonathan Hive, Rustbelt
First AppearanceInside Straight
Final AppearanceSuicide Kings
CreatorDaniel Abraham

Simoon is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.

Daughter of the Living Gods member Isis, she is an ace who can turn herself into a dust-devil. She participated in the initial season of American Hero.


In 2007, Simoon was selected to be a contestant on American Hero. After being "discarded" she joined seven other aces to stop the genocide of jokers in Egypt. She was killed when the Righteous Djinn sapped her strength, causing her to revert to human form, and then he physically tore her in two.

A year later, Cameo was given a pair of earrings and a tee-shirt that had once belonged to Simoon, and used these to channel the deceased ace. The reintroduction of Simoon's personality and power among her old friends presented an awkward situation, for both her and the others, and yet she still managed to maintain an intimate relationship with Jonathan Hive via Cameo's body. Jonathan eventually ended their tryst, and distraught, Simoon pulled her old earring out for the last time. Jonathan discarded it, thus ending any chance of bringing Simoon back again.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Simoon can transform into a whirling cloud of sand. While in sand form she is able to fly, hurl tanks, and scour flesh from bone. Her clothes don't transform with her, so when she changes back into her human form she is left naked, but her control is fine enough that she can carry garments with her while transformed.


Simoon is an attractive young woman of Middle Eastern appearance. In her sandstorm form she becomes a whirling vortex of sand.


Simoon has embraced an ordinary teenage lifestyle despite being born into the Living Gods, and never expressed a deep connection to her family's mythology. She did however, feel connected to her familial ties to Egypt, and was quick to grab the opportunity to help.


  • The word "simoom" (which has several variant spellings) means "poison wind".

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume XVIII: Inside Straight 2008 - The Committee Trilogy
  • Wild Cards Volume IXX: Busted Flush 2009 - The Committee Trilogy
  • Wild Cards Volume XX: Suicide Kings 2010 - The Committee Trilogy

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