Biographical Information
Real NameFranklin Steinberg
Wild Card TraitsSelf liquefaction
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States of America
Base of OperationsJokertown
AlliesBeastie, Kris, Rikki
First AppearanceThe Thing About Growing up in Jokertown
CreatorCarrie Vaughn

Franklin "Splat" Steinberg is a minor character in Wild Cards.


As a deuce growing up in Jokertown Splat was surrounded by jokers, three of whom formed his own little clique of friends. Feeling more at home among the jokers, he often took umbrage at the nats who would visit Jokertown on sightseeing tours, or joker predicament in general.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Splat can will his muscle and bone tissue to lose cohesion whereupon his somewhat liquid form spreads out into a wide puddle. In this form he lacks the strength to doing anything more than pull himself back together, ensuring that his wild card is mostly only useful as a means of hiding.


Splat has dark hair and a lanky frame.


Splat is quite prudish and cynical. He refers to himself in the same context as as his joker friends despite his normal appearance.

Selected ReadingEdit

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