Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsAquatic body
Social Information
OccupationBar proprietor
Base of OperationsJokertown
First AppearanceDead Man’s Hand

Squisher is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Squisher drew a joker from the deck of the wild card and was transformed by it to become a fish-like creature. Unable to survive out of water for very long, he was confined to life in a tank, but managed to gain some measure of success by having an aquarium installed in a basement room in Jokertown with the rest of the fixtures set up as a bar, and this he named Squisher's Basement.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Squisher is a fish-like joker who needs to remain in water to survive. At least some of his food source can be found swimming in his aquarium with him and is consumed raw when caught.


Squisher has large eyes and long, boneless arms.


Squisher may seem uncouth to the casual observer, but he is also loyal to his friends. Generally distrustful of nats he has made an exception for Daniel Brennan, offering a drink on the house for each visit after Brennan removed the problem of Bludgeon from Squisher's Basement.

Selected ReadingEdit

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