Squisher's Basement is a cheap bar in the heart of the Bowery in Jokertown, where the patrons are almost exclusively jokers, and anyone else is bound to attract a frosty welcome. It is located below Uncle Chowder's Clam Bar after a stairway screened by a picket fence of rusty, iron bars. The proprietor is Squisher, an aquatic joker who lives in a giant aquarium behind the bar and oversees the proceedings.

In terms of quality food, drink, and entertainment, Squisher's Basement ranks low on all counts. The drinks are the cheapest booze around, and watered down, while the food is of unknown origin and would probably fail any hygiene check. Entertainment in Squisher's Basement is non-existent, unless someone sparks a bar fight.

There is a wall of fame in Squisher's Basement. Among the things on it is a photograph of Squisher with a long boneless arm wrapped around an intoxicated Dr. Tachyon, and in 1988 it gained an ace of spades playing card from the vigilante Yeoman.


  • According to High Stakes, Squisher's Basement was eventually superseded by a gay bar known The Foxes Booze and Cruise.

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