Straight Arrow
Biographical Information
Real NameNephi Callendar
AliasesStraight Arrow
Wild Card TraitsEnergy projection
Social Information
Place of BirthUtah
CitizenshipUS citizen
OccupationGovernment agent
Base of OperationsWashington D.C.
AlliesInk, Lady Black, Hillary Rodham
First AppearanceAce in the Hole
CreatorWalter Jon Williams

Nephi "Straight Arrow" Callendar is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Nephi Callendar joined the ranks of SCARE and rose to prominence in government service. After attaining leadership of SCARE as its director, he retired in 2008.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Straight Arrow can conjure arrows of flame alongside his arm, and fire them in the direction he is pointing.


Callendar has brown skin, and close-cropped dark hair. His attire is a perpetually formal business suit.


Straight Arrow is a very formal and deeply religious man, following the Mormon faith.

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