The Stripper
Biographical Information
Real NameBruce Cordova
AliasesThe Stripper
Wild Card TraitsExoteleportation
Social Information
Base of OperationsNew York City
First AppearanceFort Freak
CreatorMelinda Snodgrass

Bruce "The Stripper" Cordova is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is a prankster ace with the ability to 'strip' the clothes off another person from a discrete distance.


Bruce Cordova was entering puberty when he discovered that he was an ace and had the power to divest people of their clothing in a heartbeat. All he had to do was to blow a kiss and the victim's clothing, and anything else on their person, would vanish. He applied to appear on American Hero, but was turned away - apparently the ability would be a hard sell on prime time American television.

Three years after discovering his power, Bruce had become a notorious and unknown prankster, stripping the clothes off attractive women from within a bus. The women, walking on the street outside, would find themselves suddenly stark naked in full view of everyone, and these victims were turning up at Fort Freak on a daily basis. Cordova was caught when rookie cop, Francis Black recognised that the incidents had all occurred on the 103 bus route and picked him up in a sting operation the following day.

For his community service the "Stripper" was assigned to the 5th precinct, the same that Black worked from, and was encouraged to participate in the daily round of pranks on the rookie by the other police. The harassment stopped after Black made a deal with the boy involving the use of his stripping power to expose the wrongdoing of some bullies.

Wild Cards TraitsEdit

The stripper is an ace who can teleport the clothes off another person within view in an instant. He has a psychological crutch of having to blow a kiss at his target in order to do so and can strip up to five people at once.


A scrawny, skinny adolescent, Bruce Cordova has an acne spotted complexion and a pronounced adam's apple.


As an adolescent, Bruce has a tendency to employ a lot of false bravado that is easily crushed by authority figures or threats of punishment. He has a mischevious personality and likes to play pranks on people.

Selected ReadingEdit

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