Sui Ma
Biographical Information
Real NameSui Ma
AliasesLittle Mother
Social Information
Place of BirthSouth Vietnam
OccupationCriminal mastermind
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsShadow Fist Society, Immaculate Egrets
RelativesKien Phuc, Nathan Chow (husband, deceased)
First AppearanceDown and Dirty
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Sui Ma is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books. She is among the upper echelons of the Shadow Fist Society, acting as a lieutenant for her brother Kien Phuc. She is one of only a small handful of people who know of Kien Phuc's identity as the leader of the Shadow Fists and has shared a second-in-command position alongside Loophole. As head of the Immaculate Egrets, Sui Ma controls much of the Shadow Fists' interest in the New York drug trade.


Sui Ma was married off to Nathan Chow at a very young age by her brother Kien Phuc to help build a power base in the United States. She was no victim in this arrangement however; Chow died of unnatural causes sometime later, and Sui Ma rose to prominence as the head of the Immaculate Egrets, a Chinatown street gang and component part of the Shadow Fist Society.


Sui Ma is a small Asian woman with a round face.


Sui Ma is a shrewd and calculating woman, and has a merciless streak in dealing with her enemies. She is too well-cultured to become personally involved with the bloodletting herself however, instead indulging in a lavish lifestyle of luxury while others to the dirty work for her.

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