Biographical Information
Real NameThomas Driscoll
Wild Card TraitsMetamorphosis
Social Information
OccupationPolice officer (undercover detail)
Base of OperationsFort Freak, Jokertown
AffiliationsNew York Police Department
First AppearanceFort Freak

Thomas "Tabby" Driscoll is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Tabby's ace proved to be a valuable asset in his line of work as a police officer, allowing him to remain unnoticed in plain sight and therefore affording him a unique opportunity in undercover work. He was instrumental in cracking the "Magpie thefts" case when the Magpie herself took to stealing kittens in addition to all the trinkets she was hoarding. Because of this habit, Tabby was able to remain unnoticed at her house until the arrival of Slim Jim, and the pair soon overpowered and apprehended the old woman.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Tabby has the power to transform into a large ginger tabby tom cat.


In human form Driscoll is a burly red-headed Irishman with the red-veined nose of a heavy drinker and a missing ear.


Tabby is roguish and rough man. He has few qualms about appearing naked in front of people, which is a state his transformations often leave him in, and he has even fewer qualms about using his cat form to urinate or defecate on a specific target as a show of contempt.

Selected ReadingEdit

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