Biographical Information
AliasesTaureau, Taureau-trois-graines
Wild Card TraitsSuperhuman strength and durability
Social Information
CitizenshipHaitian citizen, deceased
OccupationCriminal thug
Base of OperationsPort-au-Prince, Haiti
AffiliationsTi Malice's mounts
First AppearanceAces Abroad
Final AppearanceAces Abroad
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Taureau is a minor character in the fourth volume of the Wild Cards series of books.


Taureau was a mount of Ti Malice in 1987 when the WHO Tour visited Port-au-Prince. Having long been used an enforcer when Ti Malice needed someone intimidated or killed, Taureau was tasked to retrieve Chrysalis after she had been revealed with an appearance resembling a Haitian deity. He was killed after Chrysalis threw a bag of toxic powder at him in self defence. The substance caused him to go berserk and lash out randomly. Several bullets to the chest failed to stop him, but one shot between the eyes finally ended his life just as he picked up the shooter and threw the man bodily onto a meat hook.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Taureau is inhumanly strong and durable. He has demonstrated being shot several times without slowing down after having torn the arm off a man and using it as a club.

He also has an apparently permanent penile erection, and it has been stated that his sexual activities are fatal for his victims. Whether there is an additional power at play, or the deaths are simply a result of his brutality, has not been fully revealed.


Taureau is a huge, heavily muscled man with a long, bushy beard and course black hair covering much of his body. Although he looks generally human, he has a distinctly bovine look about him. He accompanies his bull-like appearance with the bellows and snorts of a bull whenever he feels the need to express annoyance or anger.


Taureau is motivated by very few things in his life. Sex is one of them, and the driving force behind his criminal pursuits is his need for Ti Malice's kiss. Beyond that, he has a flash temper and will quickly shift into a furious rage when provoked.


  • The bull has often been used as a symbol of virility in ancient cultures. Taureau appears to be a living embodiment of this association.

Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad - "Beasts of Burden"

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