Team Clubs
Biographical Information
Official NameTeam Clubs
TypeReality TV team
Operational Information
Base of OperationsCalifornia
Place of FormationCalifornia
Event ParticipantAmerican Hero
First AppearanceInside Straight
American Hero television contest / reality show's Team Clubs

Team MembersEdit

Toad Man Buford Calhoun Loxahatchee, Florida
Stuntman Jamal Norwood Inglewood, California
Spasm Paul Blackwell Denver, Colorado
Diver Pearl Olsen Honolulu, Hawaii
Brave Hawk Tom Diedrich Benson, Arizona
Jade Blossom Haley Mok Redondo Beach, California
Holy Roller Rev. Thaddeus Wintergreen Natchez, Mississippi


  1. Won immunity during the first challenge.
  2. Spasm was the first member to be discarded.
  3. Diver was the second member to be discarded.
  4. Brave Hawk was the third member to be discarded.
  5. Faced Lohengrin in the rogue ace challenge. (Lost)
  6. Toad Man was the fourth member to be discarded.
  7. Won immunity in the sixth challenge.
  8. Stuntman and Jade Blossom were put on Team Red, while Holy Roller was put on Team Black.
  9. Stuntman and Jade Blossom won immunity, while Holy Roller was discarded during the seventh challenge.
  10. Jade Blossom was picked to join Team Black. Team Black won immunity in the eighth challenge.
  11. Team Red won immunity in the ninth challenge. All of Team Black was discarded.

Other American Hero teamsEdit

Team Diamonds
Team Hearts
Team Spades

References Edit

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