Team Spades
Biographical Information
Official NameTeam Spades
TypeReality TV team
Operational Information
Base of OperationsCalifornia
Place of FormationCalifornia
Event ParticipantAmerican Hero
First AppearanceInside Straight
American Hero television contest / reality show's Team Spades

Team SpadesEdit

Cleopatra Cleonida Simpson Montgomery, Alabama
Dragon Huntress Rachel Weinstein Bayonne, New Jersey
Rustbelt Wally “Rusty” Gunderson Mountain Iron, Minnesota
King Cobalt (name unknown) California
Rosa Loteria Guadelupe Maria del Rosario Garza East Los Angeles, California
Simoon Aliyah Malik Las Vegas, Nevada
♠ The Candle John Montano Durango, Colorado


  1. King Cobalt was the first member to be discarded.
  2. Simoon was the second member to be discarded.
  3. Won immunity in the third challenge.
  4. Rustbelt was the third member to be discarded.
  5. Faced Detroit Steel in the rogue ace challenge. (Won immunity)
  6. Cleopatra was the fourth member to be discarded.
  7. Dragon Huntress, The Candle, and Rosa Loteria became apart of Team Black.
  8. Team Black won immunity in the eighth challenge.
  9. Rosa Loteria was picked to join Team Red.
  10. Team Black lost the ninth challenge and the whole team was discarded.

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