Location Details
Common Name
The Funhouse
Full Name
The Funhouse
Business Type
Cabaret nightclub
Moderate to inexpensive
Current Condition
Staff and Regulars
Xavier Desmond (maitre d')
Mal (doorman)
Randall (doorman)

The Funhouse is a fictional location from the Wild Cards series of books. Owned by Xavier Desmond since the mid-1960's when he bought it from Angelface. The Funhouse is one of Jokertown's oldest watering holes and has played host to all of the famous joker nightclub acts.

The establishment is adorned with numerous mirrors, usually distorted, so nats seeing their own reflections will see a version of themselves as warped as the jokers who come here in equal measure.

Live PerformancesEdit

  • Cosmos & Chaos performed their "Cosmos & Chaos - Joker Juggling Act" there.
  • The Projectionist performed bad comedy routines while changing his appearance to perfectly mimic screen actors.

Selected ReadingEdit

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